Mattes GmbH: unmatched quality

Mattes GmbH

Mattes GmbH is infamous for its high-quality lambskin products for over a century and a half. In the last decades, they have lifted their equestrian products to the next level. Their experts have managed to find the balance between anatomical realities of horses, maximum functionality and quality, and a stylish appearance.

The quality of their products is dependent on the raw materials used. Mattes has sourced its lambskin from Australia for over 35 years. They find that the Australian skins are best for their extremely demanding requirements. The hides are only premium ware, and they are the only company in the industry that uses this quality standard.

Production proces

Another important pillar is the actual production process of the products. After the hides are checked to see if they meet their  requirements, they are shipped to Poland. At their Site in Myslenice, lambskins are turned in to into functional, fashionable, and durable products, by their highly trained professionals. The dyes used are of great quality, and resistant to light laundry damage and wastewater and materials are disposed of in an environmentally friendly way.

Mattes values their quality guarantee ‘Made in Europe’ to a great extent. They pay attention to stylish variety, functionality, and quality in their quilted fabrics, bindings, and piping as they do in their lambskins.

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