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Double bridles

Double bridles A double bridle, also sometimes referred to as a Weymouth bridle, is very different from a standard snaffle bridle. Would you like to know how a double bridle works? Or are you not sure what the function of this is? Then this blog is just for you! A double bridle is mainly used [...]

The benefit of flexible stirrups

The benefit of flexible stirrups 4-link system The flexible stirrups from Sprenger have an innovative 4-link system. These are 4 links like in a bicycle chain that allow upper part of the swtirrup to be more flexible, therefore allowing the footbed to move in 4 different directions flexibly. Because of the use of this system, [...]

Shaving your horse has never been so easy with these 5 tips!

Autumn has arrived and that means that our horses are starting to shed their winter coats again. For many owners, now is the time to shave their horses. Their horse cannot properly lose heat during training or because they are almost impossible to dry afterward. With the following five tips, we will help you to [...]

Saddle care –Good to know!

Taking good care of your saddle is necessary to keep the quality and preserve functional properties of the saddle for as long as possible. Sweat is one of leather’s greatest enemies. It draws the moisture from the leather and makes it dry and brittle. That is why it is important to have a good cleaning [...]