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LeMieux Arika Rug Line

LeMieux Arika Rug Line LeMieux Arika Rug Collection LeMieux has undertaken an extensive period of research and development, resulting in the new rug collection. The range includes three weights of turnout rugs with neck pieces, a "Featherweight" turnout rug for warmer months, and stable rugs in various weights with separate neckpieces. The rugs have a [...]

The Anatomica girths

The Anatomica girth models Anatomica also has girths in its range, to allow your saddle to fit optimally to your horse. It is important that the girth is comfortable for the horse and easy to use. The different girths all have different functions: Anatomica girth neoprene: This is a standard, straight girth. This girth is [...]

Mattes – Wash and care instructions

Mattes - Wash and care instructions Mattes - Wash, and care instructions. Wash and care instructions Mattes equestrian products are made of sheepskin. *We do not accept liability for defects resulting from failure to follow our wash and care instructions. The sheepskin products from Mattes should be washed regularly; better too often than too little. [...]

Celebrate the New Year without stress, with these tips

Celebrate the New Year without stress, with these tips.   Despite efforts by various organizations, it has not yet been possible to reduce or completely ban fireworks during New Year’s Eve. Unfortunately, this means that many horses can still be affected by the loud bangs of fireworks. Fortunately, as a horse owner, you can do [...]