Since 1934, Bates Saddles has been driven by an innovation philosophy focused on saddle performance and comfort for both you and your horse. When it comes to saddle fit and horse comfort, Bates saddles are the optimal choice. The research and development team is made up of pioneers in modern saddle adjustability and is responsible for many of the saddle functions that address the comfort of horses today.

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Bates dressage and multi-purpose saddles were born from the drive and passion of the people behind the brand and the philosophy of innovation, which focuses on saddle performance and comfort for both rider and horse. Success lies in identifying the changing needs of horses and riders; being thorough in research and using all available resources to evaluate the products. Bates Saddles enlists the services of equine experts, physicists, veterinarians, and saddle fitters to assist in assessing the saddles so that you can fully rely on their proven benefits.

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Bates continues to develop saddles where the well-being of your horse comes first. You owe it to your horse and yourself to innovate and reach your true potential in a Bates saddle.

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