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Are you looking for an Equipe Event Saddle?

There's nothing quite like quality in your equestrian products. At Our Saddlery, we understand that, and that is why we strive to be the online equestrian saddles expert. We only stock top-notch products, sourced from the best manufacturers around the world. From dressage saddles to jumping saddles and all the necessary accessories, we have everything you could possibly need to keep your horse comfortable and stylish during your ride. We also offer advice and guidance on how to choose a saddle that best suits your horse, so you can make sure you get the best fit that your horse needs. With the widest selection of jumping saddles and top-class quality service, Our Saddlery stands out as the online equestrian expert for all your riding needs.

 What are the benefits of using an Equipe Event saddle?

An Equipe jumping saddle offers a number of benefits for the horse and the rider. It is designed for optimal comfort, with a deep seat and wide panels that provide the ideal fit for both horse and rider. The saddle is lightweight and offers a secure and stable riding position, even over jumps. The panels are also designed to provide maximum control, allowing the rider to feel secure and balanced during jumps.

The Equipe jumping saddle is renowned amongst equestrian riders for providing unparalleled comfort and support while riding. Its design is tailored around the rider’s body, ensuring an unparalleled level of comfort.  It is scratch-proof, shock absorbent, and features a deep seat for improved security, helping the rider to stay with the movements of their horse. It also features a range of customizable options, so you can make sure it fits your horse like a glove.

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