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Are you looking for a high-quality Albion dressage saddle to take your riding to the next level?

Our Saddlery is the online equestrian saddles specialist, offering everything you need to excel in the world of dressage. Our collection of Albion dressage saddles is renowned for its outstanding quality, with both classic and contemporary styles to choose from. Albion's dressage saddles are designed with the rider in mind, with optimal balance for a comfortable and secure ride. From classic designs to luxury saddles, every Albion saddle offers excellent build quality and beautiful craftsmanship. All our dressage saddles have been lovingly designed to ensure maximum comfort and performance, with leathers tailored to the curvature and width of your horse's back. The designer panels, six-point girth straps, and powerful stirrup bars help to give you a stable and secure riding experience. With the help of our experienced saddle fitters, you'll be sure to find the right Albion dressage saddle for you. Whether you're a beginner or a professional rider, you can be sure to get the best value for money with Our Saddlery’s range of Albion dressage saddles. Shop online today to take your riding to the next level. Take a look at our size guide page.

What is the Albion dressage saddle?

The Albion dressage saddle is a type of English saddle that is designed for the discipline of dressage. It features a deep seat, long forward flaps, and a narrow twist to provide the rider with a secure and balanced position.

The Albion Saddles have long been considered the world's leading dressage saddle. Developed with the collaboration of the world's most successful dressage riders, the Albion dressage saddle provides the ultimate comfort, security, and performance. These saddles are made using the highest quality Italian leather and are designed to fit both the rider and the horse perfectly, providing outstanding levels of balance and stability. They also feature ergonomic curves to connect the horse and rider for maximum communication and responsiveness. With their unique designs and exceptional quality, Albion dressage saddles will help you reach your dressage goals.

Albion's dressage saddles bring unparalleled comfort and quality to the equestrian world. They feature a wide seat to allow the rider to sit deeper into the saddle and central Balance-Point technology to promote precise, balanced riding in dressage. These saddles feature the highest quality leather, which is durable and supple, combined with the strongest available tree shapes for greater stability. Plus, Albion saddles have a uniquely shaped gullet to ensure the sensitive area around the withers is adequately cleared. With its combination of quality, comfort, and style, an Albion dressage saddle is the ideal choice for any dressage enthusiast.

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