Mattes has been known for over 150 years for their high quality furs, fur quills, fur pads and fur covers. Whether you ride at a professional level or prefer to enjoy hours of forest riding, Mattes provides the ultimate riding comfort for horse and rider. Therefore, Mattes’ basic principle has always been to help the horse and make his job just a little easier while at the same time all products have a stylish and tasteful appearance.

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The unmatched quality of Mattes
Mattes is a German company which has focused on combining padding, saddle pads and girth covers with high quality sheepskin and lambskin. Since Mattes was founded in 1867, the company has specialized in lambskins and leather hides. Because of their many years of experience in this field, they know everything about their craft. Thus, they know exactly how to get the maximum effect out of the impressionable parts of the fur to achieve the optimal cushioning on the horse’s back.

Mattes’ basic principle has therefore always been to help the horse and to make his work just a little bit easier, while at the same time all products have a stylish and tasteful look. This is why Mattes collaborates with a team of professional riders, instructors, saddle makers and even with the University of Zurich to continue developing better under pads for equestrian sports. Mattes fur has been sourced exclusively from Australia for more than 40 years. The fur goes through rigorous selection and only the best specimens are actually used to make Mattes products. Mattes has strict requirements for their fur, and only Australia has the right sheep farms to meet these high expectations.

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