Albion saddles give your horse great freedom of movement in the shoulders and back. The back muscles are also loaded as little as possible. An Albion saddle is also very comfortable for the rider. The mono leaf gives the rider much more feeling with the horse and individual knee rolls provide a slightly supported seat.

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Albion’s ambassador is undoubtedly Laura Tomlinson, a German dressage rider who competes for the British Team at the Olympics. Laura Tomlinson makes regular podium appearances, including gold at the 2012 Olympics and gold at the 2011 European Championships. According to Laura, a saddle must be comfortable for your horse, because when the horse is comfortable, it will listen and performs better.

Albion can supply these saddles and provide them with high quality. Because the saddles provide great freedom of movement for the horse’s shoulders and back, you can perform to the maximum. In addition, these luxurious saddles are not only extremely comfortable. They are also equipped with the latest technologies. In addition, the Albion saddles are manufactured in such a way that you ensure less stress and higher performance while riding. Not only does every saddle from the Albion brand have its own unique design, but each saddle also has a unique fit, and comfort and provides stability for the horse.

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