Saddle trial policy

What is the saddle trial policy?

It is our pleasure to allow you, as our valued customer, the opportunity to take the saddle you have selected ‘on trial’ in our saddle trial policy.
To ensure that our saddles remain looking as new as possible, we ask that you adhere to a few simple requests:

  • Do not clean or oil the saddle (new or used);
  • Protect the saddle from stirrup leather marks by wrapping them with (tube) socks or (nylon) knee highs;
  • Keep the saddle covered and protected at all times, except when test riding. Please do not leave it in the barn or your vehicle;
  • Chaps, tall boots, and/or spurs should be worn at your own risk as they can easily mark a saddle. Please do not wear jeans;
  • You are responsible for the saddle while it is in your care;
  • All saddles are sold as-is and do not include stirrup leathers, stirrup irons, girths, etc.

When you return a saddle for our saddle trial policy with excessive wear, you will be charged a damage fee. The damage fee is equal to the amount by which we will have to discount the price of the saddle, since it can no longer be considered or sold as originally priced. Excessive wear is defined as no longer looking new. Including, but not limited to, rubs on the flaps, scratches in the leather, dings, or cuts in the pommel or cantle.
You must notify us before the end of your 14-day trial period if you plan to return the saddle. If we do not hear from you within the 14-day period, the saddle is considered sold.


  • Up to two (2) saddles may be taken out on trial at one time;
  • All saddles must be fully paid;
  • All new saddles can be taken on trial for up to 14 days;
  • The trial period starts when the customer receives the saddle;
  • Trial periods may be extended in extenuating circumstances. Please contact the store, during business hours, prior to the 14th day of the trial period to confirm an extension is available;
  • Return packages not sent out to our office within 14 days will be considered sold.

Saddle care:

  • Please take care to protect the condition of the saddle;
  • On all saddles, do not ride in the rain, snow, or other adverse weather conditions;
  • All saddles must be returned clean, and in the same condition they left the store in;
  • Saddles returned with excessive wear and tear may incur a charge of up to 15% of the retail price of the saddle;
  • Dirty saddles will incur a $50 cleaning fee.

Shipping trial saddles:

  • Saddles can be shipped to the customer for trial;
  • The 14-day trial period starts when the saddle is received;
  • If a trial saddle is returned, Our Saddlery must be notified of the tracking number through email [email protected];
  • The customer is responsible for the cost of returning a trial saddle;
  • Save the original shipping box and original packing materials. Please inspect the box for the damage it may have incurred on its way to you. If you need to make a return, please use the same box and materials when possible.