Prestige Italia is an Italian manufacturer of saddles and other leather goods. Founded in 1974, Prestige has been focused from the outset on creating a saddle that anatomically fits the horse’s back and the rider’s requirements.

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Prestige is not only focused on perfectly fitting saddles but also harnesses for your horse of the highest quality (girths, stirrup leathers, stirrups, bridles, reins, halters, and breast collars). The well-being of the horse and rider always comes first in Prestige. Equestrian sports require perfect harmony between horse and rider, only in this way can horses and riders understand each other. The greater the comfort for both, the easier it is to find good harmony and achieve better performance. All Prestige items are made to provide maximum comfort.

The saddles are perfectly finished and very comfortable for horses and riders. The technical developments, to bring out the best performance in horse and rider, do not stand still. A dressage rider, but also a dressage horse, has different needs than a show jumper and a show jumper. Each discipline is looked at separately, but the changes in the horses caused by breeding are also included in the technical plan.

Want to buy a Prestige jumping saddle, dressage saddle, or all-purpose saddle?
Prestige Italia offers various variations in jumping saddles, dressage saddles, and all-purpose saddles.

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