Childeric saddles are made in France and are known for their quality and optimal freedom of movement for the horse. All saddles are available with buffalo leather or calf leather for extra grip and comfort. The saddles are equipped with mono-leaf and memory foam cushions so that you sit even closer to your horse. Grand prix amazons Emmelie Scholtens and Danielle Heijkoop can confirm this, as they also ride with Luc Childéric.

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The wide range of saddles and accessories that Childéric offers is intended for all riders and all types of horses. The unique design provides great comfort and better support resulting in total freedom of movement for the horse. Your Childeric saddle gives you more confidence, efficiency and ensures a winning combination of rider and horse. With its unique “savoir faire”, the “Manufacture Childeric” offers both tradition and innovation. Memory foam works as follows: when you place the saddle on the horse’s back and you start riding, the memory foam forms to the horse’s back due to the body heat of the horse. As soon as you remove the saddle from the horse’s back, it always comes back in its original condition. At Childeric, customization of cushions, seat and leg support is possible. The saddles can also be customized to your own style.

Want to buy Childeric dressage saddle, jumping saddle or stirrup belt passers?
Childeric offers different types of dressage saddles, including DSG, DHE and DNL. You can also choose between dressage saddles and jumping saddles.

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