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Are you searching for the perfect breastplate for your horse?

Our Saddlery offers a wide selection of dressage saddles, jumping saddles, and accessories for horse owners and riders. We provide a variety of beautiful and comfortable breastplates for every horse. From dressage breastplates, hunting breastplates, and show jumping breastplates, to synthetic, leather, and shaped fancy leather breastplates, we have it all. Whether you need a thick padded breast piece for extra protection and comfort, an anatomical breast piece to help prevent rubbing and discomfort, or to provide extra support, we have the right breastplate for you and your horse.

Our Saddlery equestrian saddles come in a variety of models and styles to meet every horse’s needs. We also have great customer service and fast delivery. Our team of experts is here to answer any of your questions and help you make the best decision for your horse. With our excellent quality, competitive prices, and knowledgeable staff, you can count on us for all your breastplates for horse needs. Shop now and find the perfect breastplate for your horse today!

What is a breastplate for a horse?

A breastplate is a nylon or leather harness worn by a horse to help prevent the saddle from slipping. It provides extra support and stability for the horse and rider. Breastplates help protect a horse's chest and shoulders while riding. These pieces of equine apparel provide support, keep your horse comfortable, and help reduce stress on the back. Popular brands offering horse breastplates include Equipe, Prestige, Kentaur, and Dy'on. All of these brands offer breastplates that provide superior fit and unique styling, with several of them also offering breathable mesh or nylon options. Quality materials, adjustability, fit options, and a variety of color patterns are just some of the features that make breastplates from these name brands a great choice for horse riders.

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