The goal of Anatomica saddles is a horse that walks relaxed and therefore has more fun while riding, and performs better! To achieve this, it is the intention to relieve your horse as much as possible. To enable pain-free movement, it is necessary to study the horse’s anatomy and to see what technological solutions are possible in the development of a saddle.

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By combining this knowledge and technology, Anatomica has designed a unique line of saddles that offer optimal comfort for the horse and perfect support for the rider.

Several things make the Anatomica saddles so unique. For example, an Anatomica saddle tree is a bit more open / wider than an average saddle tree. This gives the horse more freedom of movement at the spine. As a result, the horse’s vertebral discs are not blocked and they can move optimally. In addition to saddles, Anatomica also offers high-quality saddle accessories, such as Anatomica girths, Anatomica stirrup straps, and more!

Want to buy Anatomica Basic Line, Sports Line, or Comfort Line?
Each Anatomica dressage saddle is different and can be composed entirely to your personal preference. The Anatomica saddles are divided into three different lines: Basic Line, Sports Line, and Comfort Line. Each line is unique and has its characteristics.

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