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Euroriding is a German brand with over 50 years of experience in the Equestrian sector. Their main goal is to produce high-quality products at an affordable price. The brand has a big assortment aimed at the rider, horse, and dog. This assortment is up to their high standards, which are a result of extensive cooperation with local experts and riders.

With its products sold in more than 100 stores in 14 countries, Euroriding feels the need to consider the environment more and more. Therefore, they have taken responsibility and started producing most of their product categories solely in Europe. The brand has also founded a separate production office in India to produce product categories where such a decision would impact the price beyond reason. At this production office, a German employee, is present for two days a week, to monitor working conditions, quality, and raw materials.

High-quality products

For the German brand, being ecologically sound also means making sure that their products are incredibly durable and, thus, top quality. Their saddles barely lose value, with saddles from the ‘Diamant’ range being sold at 2/3 of the price after seven years of use.

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