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Are you in search of the perfect jumping saddle for your horse?

Our Saddlery is the online equestrian saddles expert, providing you with the latest jumping saddles for showjumping. We have a vast range of quality jumping saddles designed to optimize your performance when jumping. Our saddles are constructed by experienced professionals and are designed to adapt to your horse’s anatomy and give you maximum comfort while riding. We guarantee that our jumping saddles offer superior fit, superior comfort, and superior adjustability. Our saddles feature unique technologies to ensure a secure fit and maximum absorption of shocks on the back.

We also have a wide variety of accessories to complement our jumping saddles, such as stirrups, girths, and saddlebags. With our wide selection, you’ll be sure to find the perfect jumping saddle for your horse’s needs. All of our saddles are of premium quality and come with a lifetime warranty. Shop with us today for the best jumping saddles and accessories at unbeatable prices.

What is a jumping saddle?

A jumping saddle can be recognized by its short and slightly forward-facing sweat blades and is intended for jumping. Because you ride in this as a rider with shorter stirrups, you have more support in your stirrups and can better keep your balance above your horse.

A jumping saddle is a type of saddle specially designed for horse riders who are involved in the sport of show jumping, eventing, and hunting. It is significantly different from a dressage saddle in its design and construction. The jumping saddle is designed to provide the rider with a secure seat in the saddle and the ability to move freely and quickly, so they can encourage their horse over the fences. Some of the most famous of Our Saddlery brands of jumping saddles are Anatomica, Equipe, Childéric, and Erreplus. All four of these manufacturers offer a range of jumping saddles designed for maximum performance and safety, made with superior quality materials to provide durability and comfort.

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