Acavallo: a good choice


Acavallo is a young but popular brand in the equestrian world. Their main goal is to create products to enhance the welfare and protection of the horse. As a result, Acavallo products distinguish themselves by being produced out of sublime quality and innovative materials, with a 360° knowledge in horse technical equipment. Therefore, Acavallo is a good choice

The Acavallo Classic Gel has become a staple material in their assortment. That is due to it’s extremely lightweight, remarkable capacity to absorb shocks, easy to fit, and it’s extreme stickiness. This stickiness is the reason most riders love it so much, even after washing it gets sticky again. The non-slip component is certainly astonishing, whilst being breathable, it makes the perfect material to prevent any unwanted movement. The gel is also antibacterial, non-toxic, hypoallergenic, non-absorbent of fluids, smell, and bacteria, and can therefore be used in direct contact with the horse’s skin.

Other well-known materials used in their products are memory foam, micropile, which is slightly thinner than memory foam, and sheepskin of great quality. On the other hand, lesser-known materials used are the 3D Spacer Fabric, ‘Piuma’ and Dri-Lex material, which are all light and soft materials, which have a great capacity to wick away moisture and are perfect to use in padding. Furthermore, like other great equestrian brands, Acavallo products are made in Italy. So it’s an easy choice, choose Acavallo.

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