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Are you in search of the perfect Anatomica jumping saddle for your horse?

At Our Saddlery, we are the online equestrian saddle experts for dressage, jumping, and all other equestrian activities. As the premier saddle provider for these disciplines, we carry the premium line Anatomica Jumping Saddles for optimal performance and unbeatable comfort for you and your horse. Whether you are starting out in the sport or have been riding for years, our teams of saddle fitters have the knowledge and precision to expertly guide you to the correct fit and style for your individual needs. Anatomica Jumping Saddles come in a variety of materials, styles, and fit to best suit the performance criteria of horse and rider alike. Our professional saddle fitters are trained to fit our top-rated Anatomica Jumping Saddles, ensuring your horse’s comfort and performance is uninterrupted. From the hand-stitched panels to the soft, pliable leathers and the innovative panels, Anatomica Jumping Saddles provide the perfect blend of comfort and support. Plus, with our extensive range of accessories, shock-absorbing paddings, and stock-for saddles, our colleagues at Our Saddlery can help to further customize the saddle for your exact specifications. Whether you need a dressage or jumping saddle for competition, training, or leisure, you can rely on the quality craftsmanship and performance of the Anatomica Jumping Saddle from Our Saddlery.

What is an Anatomic Jumping saddle?

An Anatomic Jumping saddle is a specialized saddle designed to provide the rider with a more secure and balanced ride, as well as promote proper alignment and improved stability during jumping.

Anatomica Jumping Saddles make the perfect choice for any competitive rider. They feature Comfort Plus technology, which strategically distributes the rider's weight for optimal comfort and balance. The Anatomica Jumping Saddles come from some of the top names in the industry, such as Saddle Right, County Saddlery, Bates, and Charles Owen. These saddles are designed to provide superior stability during jumping, as well as well-positioned leg flaps for comfortable support during courses. They also feature high-quality leather, sleek modern designs, superior craftsmanship, and easy-to-adjust girth straps. No matter the level of competition, a saddle from any of these brands will provide the performance, style, and quality that a rider seeks while in the saddle.

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