Equipe designs different types of saddles for many types of equestrian disciplines. The saddle is important for the feeling of connection between horse and rider. Equipe offers a complete and extensive range of saddles. This is reflected in the variety of saddle trees that are available in the different lines. The saddles are made of innovative materials.

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Dressage saddles are used in dressage or recreational riding. The saddles are made with a long sweat blade. This results in a nice leg position of the rider. This ensures the perfect balance. Equipe has an extensive range of dressage saddles. Think of models such as Emporio, Olympia, Oracle and Victoria. Jumping saddles are aimed at a free position for the horse to jump. The rider is placed slightly forward due to the position of a jumping saddle. This makes it easier for the rider to get out of the saddle. The flaps of jumping saddles are round and shorter. In addition, these are slightly forward-facing. Do you jump several times a week? Or are you working towards jumping competitions? Then the purchase of a jumping saddle is essential. It is very important that the jumping saddle has the right fit.

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Equipe offers different types of saddles, including dressage and jumping saddles.

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