Our experts

The right certifications can make a real difference in the process of purchasing a new saddle for you and your horse.

Our team consists of experienced employees who all have their own areas of expertise. While some are experts in marketing or customer service, others are fully certified and experienced saddle fitters. We even have a certified Horse Ergonomist in our team!

Our saddle fitters and tack experts are all fully certified by all our brands. They have all completed a degree in their own area of expertise, and since then they have also attended and completed several clinics and additional workshops to specialize themselves even further.

Certification brands
Prestige - Advanced Saddle Clinic

Additional certifications

As mentioned above; in addition to their initial degree, our saddle experts also attended and completed further clinics and workshops by our many saddle brands.

We are proud to be fully certified and qualified to help riders from all around the world. Riders in any equestrian discipline. We will do anything to find the perfect fit for themselves and their horse.

The certificates that are shown on this page, are just a fraction of all the certificates and degrees that our team has managed to acquire!

On our website, you will find a selection of saddles by many high-quality brands. Do you have any questions about our team, our certifications, our assortment or any other subject? Simply let us know! We would be happy to help you out.