Sprenger Stirrups

Stirrups SPRENGER stirrups are designed with the highest quality standards. Similar to the bit, extensive testing is performed before the product is presented on the market. The quality checks were done with the Institute for Research and Development (FES) in Berlin. Years of research have shown that stirrups sometimes have to endure three times the body weight, to create optimal safety, SPRENGER offers the highest quality with a breaking strength of 800 kg. Spurs SPRENGER spurs are made of German silver and stainless steel. They have an optimal design for more comfort. More than 100 different models in various materials offer a wide range of individual wishes of both horse and rider. SPRENGER spurs provide gentle yet precise communication between horse and rider. Mouth shape. Horse mouth.

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More about Sprenger

“Quality that performs” represents more than just a strap line for Sprenger. This slogan reflects the quality awareness of the Sprenger staff in order to meet the requirements and expectations of the advanced horse rider.

The high-quality products made by Sprenger are achieved through a variety of trades in combination with a large quantity of modern and classic machinery and equipment. The final inspection and packaging of the finished product is a critical part of the normal daily function with the result that, in contrast to bulk production methods, the finished products will come in touch with the hands of a person.

The significance of Sprenger quality awareness is not only directed towards the products but also for delivery and customer service at a high level to give you and your dealer the confidence in having a reliable business partner in order to include you amongst our loyal customers.