Wintec is a saddle brand that has been on the market since 1986. Wintec has been incredibly innovative over the years and has developed a lot. Worldwide, Wintec is known as the brand that was the first, and also the best, to bring synthetic saddles to the equestrian market. Wintec saddles are made of plastic, which has several advantages. Plastic is lighter, more animal-friendly, and easy to maintain. At the beginning of 2020, the new HART line from Wintec was launched on the market. The new HART system (Horse And Rider Technology) sets new standards in comfort and performance and helps the rider to maintain a perfect posture. Since then, more and more new models have been equipped with the new Equileather®; a synthetic material designed to be lighter in weight and provide better grip in the saddle. Due to the new look and adjustments, the saddles have a luxurious appearance and are extra comfortable. The familiar cair system in the cushions has not changed. All Wintec saddles also have an Easy Change tree.

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All saddles of the Wintec brand are optimized in such a way that they fit perfectly on the horse’s back. For example, they use the CAIR system. The CAIR cushion system takes the pressure off the horse’s back and ensures that it is optimally distributed. This prevents pressure spots and irritations, among other things. Furthermore, the cushions remain soft and the muscles have plenty of room to develop. All the advantages at a glance:
– CAIR air cushions maintain their shape unlike traditional fillings which sag and become unbalanced over time
– CAIR air cushions require no adjustments, special maintenance, or refills
– CAIR air cushions continuously adapt to the shape of the horse.

easy change; adjust tree size easily
In addition, every Wintec saddle is equipped with the Easy-Change Gullet and Riser system, which ensures that each saddle can be adapted even better and more extensively to the horse. All adjustments that are made are measurable, symmetrical, and reversible so that it delivers the optimal result every time. This means that Wintec saddles can also be adjusted again and again for different horses. Wintec uses 4 types of material for their saddles that can be used in combination with each other. For example, they have Equi-Leather which looks like real leather but which is stronger, synthetic, and easier to maintain. Equi-Fabric consists of a High Tech woven fabric and is comparable to light denim.

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