The brand Equipe


Selleria Equipe is a well-established brand in the equestrian world and has over twenty years of experience in the sector. With their wide range of products, they have something to offer to every equestrian.  The Equipe brand represents craftsmanship and attention to detail, therefore each saddle turned out at their Italian-based premises, is manufactured with meticulous care.

The Equipe premises is in itself an avant-garde architectural landmark, decked with all modern techniques to enhance craftsmanship. Equipe experts have dynamic inventive spirits and invest time and research in the use of new materials and shapes. This whilst understanding the need for personalization, and affordable products. This constant and attentive search for shapes and materials makes their products veritable masterpieces.

Equipe productlines

Equipe products can be categorized into four lines; the E-Carbon line, the Platinum line, the Theoreme line, and the Emporio line. These lines distinguish themselves based due to the materials used in their saddles. All saddles are completely customizable in stitching and details like a stirrup leather stopper and edging are available. The flaps can be made in three types of leather, Grip leather, Special leather (vertical stitches over the flap), and normal leather. The costs of these customizations differ per line and model. Please contact us if you would like to learn more about Equipe customizations.

Equipe E-carbon line

The E-carbon line contains Equipe’s showpieces. This line features the saddles with the laminar saddle tree in carbon and three-composite fibers, which can be made to measure in shape and thickness. This carbon saddle tree is also equipped with the D.S.B (Damping System EQ Bridge) shock-absorbing system, making it perfect for showjumping in the higher levels.

Equipe Platinum line

The Platinum line is perfect for sophisticated traditionalists. The tree in de Platinum saddles is made of beechwood reinforced with special steel. The Saddles are made out of a precise selection of top-class Italian and French hides and leather.

Equipe Theoreme line

The Theoreme line is made in cowhide and puts style at the service of well-being. The tree in these saddles is made in synthetic material which enhances the seating of the rider whilst adapting itself to the horse’s back. This line contains the popular Synergy model.

Equipe Emporio line

Lastly the Emporio line, this line combines the essential techniques with a more budget-proof standard saddle. The saddle tree is, like the Theoreme line, made of synthetic material. The customizable options are limited, but the saddle is extremely functional, oriented to satisfy any need of the horse and rider.

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