What to know Childéric Sellier

Childéric Sellier

Childéric Sellier is a very refined brand of French origin, producing and marketing high-end and made-to-measure saddles. The ‘Manufacture Childéric’ was created in 1991 by Luc Childéric after he studied with a master saddler for over a decade. By being in constant contact with sport horses and their riders, Luc forged and obtained his expert eye. By watching horses running free he understood the necessity of making a saddle that would enable the horse to move as loosely and unrestrained as possible.

Childéric creates a variety of models of saddles that allow the riders to achieve a perfect balance between equilibrium and comfort.  The saddles are made with a vision to totally free the horses’ movements and actions. With this freedom, riders discover that working with their horse is as much giving as receiving and their communication becomes as graceful as a dance.

Endless Childéric Sellier possibilites

The brand is known for its innovative way of thinking, where balance contact, and freedom are focal points. Childéric views modern ringing as a new philosophy. Therefore, they analyze and study horses’ behavior at work, to improve their products in creating an optimal connection between horse and rider.

Any Childéric Jumping saddles are available in a single flap and have memory foam filling. A big benefit to memory foam is that this material morphs seamlessly to the horse’s back. It also reduces shock impacts and is therefore perfect for show jumping. All saddles are finished in calf or buffalo leather ensuring amazing grip and comfort. With Childéric, the saddles can be made completely made to measure, and panels, seats, flaps, knee, and thigh rolls are completely customizable. The most popular Childéric jumping saddles are the Childéric FXL, FAD, and ATM Evolution. Please contact us if you would like to learn more about Childéric customizations.

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