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Erreplus Saddlery

The start of Erreplus

Roberto Rasia decided that, after 25 years of experience, 15 of which he was head of research and development, it was time for a change. He wanted to use his long-time experience and technical knowledge for his own ambitious project: Erreplus Saddlery Srl.

Roberto is inspired by the combination of horse and rider, these 2 great protagonists must communicate with each other and form a unity through the saddle. In order to design the perfect saddle, he put together a team of experts, all with different backgrounds in the equine world. The collaboration and dialogue held in this team are essential for the development of innovative products.

With great care, the first saddle lines were brought to market, and the brand was quickly noticed by big names and champions in the equestrian sector. A few of these champions are a part of the Erreplus team and contribute to the dialogue giving the needs of the rider an even greater voice.

How does Erreplus stand out?

Erreplus saddles disguise themselves with their nylon and fiberglass trees. The Erreplus tree has been opened outwards to increase comfort for our modern-built horses. Therefore, the saddles fit horses with regular shoulders and those with prominent shoulders. The nylon material used to make the tree has water absorption of 15%, making it flexible and easier to adapt to horses with a more extreme of the difficult build.

The jumping saddle trees have three openings in the area of the pubic bone and the ischium of the rider. The foam-filled seat thicker in the area of the openings in the tree to guarantee maximum comfort for the rider. To keep Erreplus saddles in place, the twist is narrowed. This will also increase the comfort of the rider.

Every Erreplus saddle features this innovative tree, no wonder that the Erreplus JF, CA en JD saddles are this popular.

With all this, Erreplus understands the importance of fashion en personalization, all their saddles are customizable. Few components of the saddle can be made in a color of your choosing. Please contact us if you would like to learn more about Erreplus customizations.

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