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Prestige is a well-known Italian brand. Prestige’s biggest value is the comfort for both horse and rider. That’s why prestige uses high-quality materials and innovative techniques. There is also a possibility to fully customize your saddle. In this overview, we’ll show you all the features of a prestige saddle and the customization options!

Prestige leather

The leather prestige uses come from the well-known tannery districts located in Venice and Tuscany. The companies in this region take care of the tanning process of the leather. They use a combination of the newest technologies and traditions to ensure the best quality of leather. High-end saddles are made with the leather sorts lux, elite, and super. This leather is produced by using a natural tanning proces. Because of this method, the highest standards can be reached for the softness of calfskin. Prestige uses water-based glues for its leather. This was a conscious decision due to the environment.

Elite leather

Elite leather is available in two types of leather: calfskin and printed leather. This leather is a very high-quality type of leather and only the best can be used for the prestige saddles. With good care, the leather will last a long time.

Lux Leather

This Lux leather is used for double flaps and skirts. This leather goes through the natural tanning process as well. However, lux leather has to meet the highest standards during the prestige production. Lux leather can be smooth or printed and has the unique characteristics of the softness of calfskin, but with the resistance of normal leather. Lux leather is 5,2 mm thick.


Super leather is printed leather of French origin. And goes through an ultra-soft vegetable tanning process. The super leather provides an excellent grip for the rider. The super leather is 4,5 mm thick.


Calfskin leather is used for double skirts and flaps. The calfskin also goes through the process of vegetable tanning with double oiling to ensure maximum grip, softness, and comfort. Calfskin is 4,3 mm thick.

Prestige panels

Prestige uses two types of panels to be able to adjust to more types of riders and their preferences.

Flocked panels

Flocked panels are for riders who are looking for a soft and adaptable saddle. The panels are hand-filled by the prestige experts to ensure the highest quality. To clarify, darcon fiber fills these panels, which allows the production of the two different models of flocked panels. Classic and X-Technology. The panels provide freedom of movement for the horse and prevent the rider from weighing on the back of the horse. Classic flocked panels are filled with synthetic darcon fiber. Which is a resistant and highly adaptable material. The X-Technology panels are lined with a combination of Synthetic and elastic honeycomb membrane cover and a layer of soft rubber and then filled with the same dacron fiber.

Honeycomb membrane cover and a layer of soft rubber and then filled with the same dacron fiber.

Latex Panels

Latex Panels are perfect for the rider who is looking for a comfortable and high-performance saddle. These panels are low in maintenance, since the Polyurethane used to fill the panel is a material that does not compress and deteriorate over time. In other words, the material is designed to stay un-altered over time. The latex panels are more difficult to adjust, so if you are looking for a saddle to use on multiple horses, you can better choose flocked panels.

There is also a possibility to have the panels customized.

For both the latex and the flocked panels is the shoulder-free option available. This option has reduced front thickness to enable more freedom of the horse’s movement.

There is also an option for the thickness of the panels. For the flocked panels: ½ flocking, standard flocking, +1 cm and +2 cm for the rear part. For the latex is available: ½ flocking, standard, and +1.5 cm in the rear part.

Prestige saddle trees

Prestige uses 4 different saddle trees. All prestige trees are made from the best materials and undergo extensive quality control. To ensure that only the best are used to make the saddles. Prestige also is the only company to provide a lifetime warranty on the tree (except in case of accidents).

The CPS tree

The Prestige CPS saddle tree is revolutionary and innovative. The saddle tree features the CPS technology (Coccyx Protection System). The tree has a new injected membrane with a geometrical formula. Because of this formula, the saddle tree absorbs all stress and movement of the rider. This concept was designed to protect the ischium bones, coccyx, and back. The saddle tree is visible through the soft Plexiglas window between the panels on the lower part of the saddle. Because of the new membrane, the rear part of the saddle is a bit larger. The front part of the saddle tree at the height of the withers is larger than other saddles of increased freedom of the withers and the trapezium muscle.

Prestige CPS Saddle Tree

X-Technology tree

The X-Technology saddle tree was designed to guarantee more comfort for the rider and, above all, will improve the rider and horse’s performance! The saddle tree is made from synthetic fiber and has two holes with an elastic membrane, where the rider’s ischium comes into contact with the saddle. As a result, this creates a softer and more comfortable seat. The panels, made from an elastic honeycomb membrane and a layer of soft rubber, used with this type of saddle tree guarantee comfort and stability for the horse’s back.

Prestige X Technology Tree

 X-Breath tree

The X-Breath saddle tree has a special and innovative opening in the middle of the seat. This oval-shaped hole at the center of the seat serves a dual purpose: ventilation, for enhanced air circulation and therefore cooling the horse and rider. Therapeutic benefit insofar as it relieves pressure on the coccyx. In other words, saddles with X-Breath technology are fitted with a hole covered in special ultra-elastic honeycomb material, For enhanced seat comfort.

Prestige X-Breath Tree

Standard tree:

The Prestige Italia standard saddle tree is designed to perfectly adapt to the horse and maintain the best seat for the rider. Therefore, the saddle tree is made from synthetic fiber. This is a lighter but very sturdy tree.

Custom options

Prestige offers the riders the possibility to personalize their own saddle. The options are available for all saddles. You can adapt the panels, length of the flap, and the forward flap. And there is a wide range of saddle tree sizes. Prestige also offers the possibility to choose between various colours for the trim and stitching. Every rider can also choose between different types of leather. This is between calfskin that is softer or calfskin with more grip. And also normal leather. Which is also very delicate but much more resistant. Besides customizing your saddle there is also a possibility to customize your tack.

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