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Jumping saddle Prestige Versailles (EU only)

EUR € 2,800.00

٧ Semi-deep seat;
٧ Small knee rolls;
٧ Double saddle flaps;
٧ Wool-filled panels;
٧ Made with the expertise of Prestige.

٧ Mostly available from stock!

With every Prestige saddle purchase, you will receive a matching saddle cover and a Prestige P17 leather care box worth €89.95 for free.

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Jumping saddle Prestige Versailles

The jumping saddle Prestige Versailles is a comfortable jumping saddle for female and male riders. The Prestige Versailles saddle has a unique look. The saddle has white stitching to bring a beautiful contrast. The saddle has a semi-deep seat to support the rider enough without fixating. The seat gives the rider the feeling of being close to the horse. The seat has a width of 25 cm. The Prestige Versailles jumping saddle has small knee and back rolls to give the rider freedom of movement. The panels are synthetic wool-filled. The panels are tin and integrated under the saddle flaps this will give the rider are more close contact feeling with the horse. This version is recommended for horses with normal or small withers. The Versailles is also available in the “FP” version. With this version, the panels on the saddle are non-integrated and recommended for horses with large withers. The Versailles is available in 2 different leather types: bovine leather and printed leather.

Standard saddle tree

The Versailles has the Prestige standard tree made of synthetic fiber. The tree has been designed to perfectly adapt to the horse and maintain the best seat for the rider. The rider sits in the central part of the seat this will give a more close contact feeling with the horse.

٧ Semi-deep seat;
٧ Small knee rolls;
٧ Double saddle flaps;
٧ Wool-filled panels;
٧ Made with the expertise of Prestige.

٧ Mostly available from stock!

Prestige Italia is a well-established brand in the horse world, known for its high-quality products. With riding requiring the perfect harmony between horse and rider, Prestige aims for high comfort for both parties. Prestige firmly believes perfection will only be achieved with great attention to detail as seen in their material choices and craftsmanship. Prestige products are manufactured in Trissino, in the land of beauty and excellence, Italy.


Leather care

To keep your saddle in the best shape possible, you need to treat it frequently. Take a look at our leather care products here!


Customization options

Prestige offers a few customization options:

٧ Forward flaps
٧ Flap lengths
٧ Panels
٧ Knee rolls
٧ Colored welting and stitching

Please contact us to discuss the options.



Leather is accurately selected by our certified Prestige staff directly at the tannery. Since Prestige only works with the best leathers, all Prestige saddles qualify for their warranty policy.

٧ Prestige saddles are cover by law by a 2-year warranty, under normal conditions of use.

٧ Prestige provides a lifetime warranty for the tree and stirrup bars.

Additional information




Black, Tobacco

Seat size

16", 17", 18"

Tree size

29, 30, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35, 36, 37


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