Equipe saddle tree

Equipe Saddle Trees

Equipe is a well-known and innovative brand, which has a saddle for every horse and rider. They make sure to live up to the rider’s expectations of the saddle. And that all riders who want an Equipe saddle are satisfied with their purchase. Because of this Equipe has developed 4 different types of saddle trees. This ensures that there is a saddle for every horse, rider, and budget. The four types of Equipe saddle trees are put in 4 different collections. These collections are E-Carbon, Platinum, Theoreme, and Emporio.

The E-carbon range:

The E-carbon range is the most exclusive type of saddle tree.

The saddle tree is made from a unique carbon/composite fiber. Because of the carbon fiber that has been used to develop the saddle trees. The saddle of this collection is customizable, lightweight, very durable, and contains unique shock-absorbing properties because of the extremely effective D.S.B system (Damping System EQ Bridge). These features combined with the narrow twist will give the ultimate close contact connection between horse and rider. The saddle tree can be customized in shape and thickness due to the use of special cutting-edge technology. Using high-tech equipment, the saddle tree is truly manufactured with supreme precision. Besides the amazing carbon tree. All saddles from the e-carbon line are only made with the best quality leather and will ensure a very satisfactory feeling for both horse and rider.  A few saddles that belong to this collection are the EK-26, EK-GO, and the Special One.

Equipe Carbon tree

The Platinum range:

The Platinum range is very classical but ensures elegance and maximum comfort. The saddle tree is made from strong beechwood. The saddle tee is crafted in multi-layers and shaped through a steam process. And then reinforced with special steel to guarantee its strength and elasticity. All wooden trees are made in the Equipe factory with exact measurements and check thoroughly by the Equipe expert to ensure only the best ends up with our customers. The saddle tree has a slightly wider twist that gives maximum comfort and performance for both horse and rider. All Platinum tree saddles are made from a precise selection of top-quality Italian and French hides to elegantly dress the classical saddle tree. A few saddles that belong to this collection are the Freeland, Grand Prix, and the performance.

Equipe Platinum Tree

The Theoreme range:

The Theoreme range is simplistic but very innovative. This tree is made of synthetic fiber, which is very strong and anatomically shaped. Therefore it adapts itself perfectly to the structure of the horse. Ensuring more comfort for the horse. The saddle tree is customizable to meet the exact needs of both horse and rider. The Theoreme tree has a narrow twist and therefore provides a close contact feel with the horse.  All Theoreme saddle trees are dressed with quality Italian and French hides. A few saddles that belong to this collection are the Expression Monoquartiere, Synergy, and the EQ.S

Theoreme Saddle Tree

The Emporio range:

The Emporio range is made for the standard saddle. The tree is made from synthetic fiber. Even though it’s a very standard model the tree is anatomically shaped and perfectly fits the horse. The saddles tree from the Emporio line is dressed in cowhide which is sturdy and provides a lot of grip. The saddle from the Emporio range is the Emporio jump.

Equipe Emporio Tree

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