Anatomica: the brand


Anatomica Global is a brand of English origin, which stands for quality and comfort. The saddles are all developed with the anatomy of the horse in mind. Therefore, the philosophy behind the brand saddles is simple: ‘Freedom of movement + optimal weight distribution = relaxation and better performance.

Relaxation can only be achieved by relieving the horse as much as possible. However, achieving this can be a bit more complicated. A horse can only relax when it can move without enduring any kind of pain. As a result of this relaxation, horses can move freely and have more expression in their movements. This is a very sought-after quality in dressage. However, it can also benefit in showjumping. In order to keep your horse eager to jump, freedom of movement in its back is essential. As a result of an uncomfortable saddle, the horse will, most definitely, be hollow over jumps or even start stopping.

Made with focus on horses

When taking a closer look at the muscles involved in the movement of the horse, the trapezius muscle, mid-back vertebrae, and shoulder blade are critical points to keep in mind. Anatomica saddles have a special ‘open-cut’ tree. Therefore, the trapezius muscle is left with enough room to move freely. Additionally, the shoulder blade can easily rotate under this tree. This shape also ensures that the neck muscles are kept free of pressure, enabling the horse to bend more easily.

The flank panels on Anatomica saddles are wider than usual for maximum weight distribution on the long back muscle and an unbothered trapezium muscle. Additionally, they offer three different panels with these qualities, suitable for different types of horses. The shorter panels are especially suitable for horses with shorter and weaker backs. Close contact or ‘mono flap’ saddles will have wider panels, which ensure better weight distribution, creating optimal contact between horse and rider. For horses with wide or extremely muscled flanks, a shorter flank panel shape is developed. In other words, a suitable saddle can be found for any horse and rider.

With roots in the equestrian world, Anatomica understands the importance of fashion en personalization, which is why all their saddles are completely customizable. To clarify, all components of the saddle can be made in a color or leather type of your choosing. Special adjustments to the technical parts of the saddle, like the gullet or shape of the panels, are also possible. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you would like to learn more about the possible customizations.

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