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Prestige Italia

Prestige Italia is a well-established brand in the horse world, and is therefore known for its high-quality products and innovative horse saddles. The products are manufactured in Trissino, located in the land of beauty and excellence; Italy. However, when this business was established back in 1974, the brand was named Appaloosa. Appaloosa was created as a result of a lifelong passion for the equestrian world. During this time, the high-quality saddles were made in Germany, but it was soon discovered that Italy had no tradition. Evidently, no tradition leaves room for innovation, and Prestige challenged the already consolidated manufacturing techniques to make unique and outstanding saddles. Most importantly, the saddles were ought to increase the well-being of the rider, but above all, for the horse.

Prestige Italia staples

Wooden trees were a staple in the saddle-making industry. But they lose their shape over the years. With this in mind, Prestige Italia went looking for a material that would be flexible but does not wear down over the years. Consequently, their only option to solve this problem was to embrace a new approach. Prestige decided to forge their trees out of nylon, reinforced with fiberglass. These materials can be morphed to fit any horse, which is beneficial for the horse’s well-being.

Another staple in the industry was English leather, this is an excellent, durable product. However, this leather needs to be broken in for six months. Prestige broke free from this tradition by using Swiss leather. This leather is no less amazing, even softer than the English leather, and available in lighter brown tones, which were in fashion. Back then, they were the first saddle brand that offered personalization in trimming and stitches. As a result, their saddles stood out in the crowd, wherever they went. Please contact us if you would like to learn more about Prestige customizations.

In conclusion, Prestige Italia is all for thinking out of the box and establishing unique production processes.

Prestige’s Passion

It is in a horse’s nature to jump, but everything changes when a rider is on their back. In addition, showjumping requires perfect complicity between rider and horse, and immense concentration. Prestige saddles are designed with their outstanding techniques to guarantee maximum performance, ensuring freedom of movement for the horse’s shoulders and comfort. Therefore, the saddles feature front and rear blocks for the rider to maintain a balanced and safe seat, whilst calfskin provides the grip to stay in position. Prestige’s most popular jumping saddles are the Prestige Roma, Versailles, and Passion.

With riding requiring the perfect harmony between horse and rider, Prestige aims for perfection in comfort for both parties.  The horse and rider have always been the focus of their work ethic, and every saddle is the result of this approach. Most importantly, this is seen in their material choices and craftsmanship. Prestige firmly believes perfection will only be achieved with great attention to detail. To sum up, Prestige saddles do not only stand out because of their innovative materials, but also thanks to their outstanding eye for detail. And most importantly, all driven by passion.

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