Equipe custom options

Equipe custom options

Equipe gives the riders the possibility to fully customize their saddle. All saddles from the E-carbon, Platinum, and Theoreme line can be personalized. This is to ensure more comfort for horses and riders. Here is an overview of all customization options. The brand Equipe offers a lot of custom options to choose from.

You can customize the sizes of the saddle. The options are:

Seat size (1):

Depending on the model you can choose a seat size ranging from 14.5 inches to 18 inches. This depends on how long the horse’s back is and what seat size the rider needs.

Withers size (2):

You can also choose the opening of the withers. These sizes range from Narrow/Medium to Wide. This depends on the width of the withers of the horse.

Size forward flap (3):

Depending on the model you can decide on how forward you want the saddle flaps. This depends on your preferences and the size of your legs. This ensures more comfort and stability for the rider. The sizes you can choose are: short (KSW), normal (NSW), long (LSW), and extra-long (XLSW).

Knee and back rolls (4 & 5):

All jumping saddles from Equipe have the standard knee and back rolls. The size of those knee rolls depends on the model. In case you want to change the size of the knee rolls or you want no back or knee rolls please contact us!

Panel compensation (6):

All panels used on the Equipe saddles have a standard width, thickness, and length. Depending on the horse there is a possibility to customize the panels.

Length saddle flaps (7):

Depending on your own length we can provide you with an Equipe saddle with the perfect saddle flap length for you! This option is available on all saddles (except the Emporio line). The sizes available for the flap length are: short (K), normal (N), long (L), and extra-long (XL).


*Depending on the line and personalization requests the options can be included or excluded in the price.

Equipe Custom Size Guide

Besides customizing the sizes of your saddle you can also give the saddle a personal twist by adding colours of your preferences.  Depending on the model you can add coloured stitching, different leather types, coloured welting, and you can also choose to make your saddle in two different leather colours. And there is also a possibility to put a name-plate on your saddle.

Leather colours:

Equipe has 4 different standard leather colours: brown, black, red-brown, and new-market. Depending on the model there is also a possibility to design your saddle with two different leather colours.

Equipe Colors Overview 1

Coloured welting:

To give your saddle a personal twist you can add coloured welting on the back of the saddle and if you want, you can also add a colour on the edge of the forward flap. This colour can also go on the stirrup leather keeper. The colours available for this option are: shiny gold, shiny silver, shiny black, shiny brown, shiny blue, yellow, red, orange, green, blue, purple, light blue, and pink.

Coloured stitching:

Besides the colour welting, you can also add coloured stitching to your saddle. All E-Carbon saddles are standard with white stitching. The colours that are available for this option are: white, gold, silver, yellow, red, orange, green, blue, purple, light blue, and pink

Equipe Saddle Orange Stitching
Custom Options Equipe

Name plate:

To complete the list of Equipe custom options for your own saddle, you can also add a nameplate on your saddle. You can add your own name, your horse’s name, or stable name.

Equipe Name Tag

Please contact us if you have any questions or if you want to customize your Equipe saddle!

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