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Discover Dy’on: a brand which is built around passion and perfection for both horse and rider. The Dy’on brand stands for high-quality products with great service. The design, quality, and materials are made and chosen by their expertise to ensure the best quality and the utmost comfort for both horse and rider. Dy’on is always developing the best innovative products to ensure the horse’s development in every kind of discipline. Dy’on also has its focus on the rider to ensure that both horse and rider are both ready to perform at their absolute best.

Dy’on collections

All leather products are made from high-quality English and buffalo leather. Dy’on has multiple collections to discover, these are the most popular:

Dy’on collection

The Dy’on collection. The products in the Dy’on collection are made of vegetal European leather. The stitchings are of cream thread and all the models are decorated with a square raised and fancy stitching. The buckles of the products are of polished brass.

New English collection

The New English collection, the spirit of England. The products in the New English collection are made of vegetal European leather. Sobriety and evolution for this new version of our classical New English collection.
The stitching matches the leather and the products have stainless steel buckles, each product from the range proposes an innovation to discover.

Working collection

The Working collection. The products in this collection are made of buffalo leather. This leather is strong and long-lasting and particularly adapted for intensive daily use. This collection combines an original design with real comfort for the horse. No spare parts are available in this collection.

Other collections

The other collection Dy’on has are the Hunter collection, the Difference collection, the English collection, the Dressage collection with round leather, the Dressage collection with flat leather, the Icelandic collection, and the La Cense By Dy’on collection.

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