Sprenger: quality that performs


Sprenger is a high-quality brand from Germany, which uses the statement “Quality that performs”.  The brand is always researching new innovative methods together with professionals from sports and science. Therefore, they can offer products that meet all the high standards of their customers. Because of this high standard, Sprenger products are known all over the world and are used successfully even at the highest levels. All Sprenger products are hand-made in their German production facility in Iserlohn since 1872. Due to the use of modern and classic machinery and equipment the quality of the products are very high. To maintain high quality Sprenger doesn’t produce their products in bulk. Sprenger only uses high/quality raw materials for its products. Which are carefully selected by their Sprenger experts. Therefore, Sprenger stays true to their statement: “Quality that performs”.

Stirrups by Sprenger

Sprenger is well known for its innovative stirrups. These stirrups: bow balance and the flexcite stirrup are developed with System-4.


System-4 improves the flexibility of the stirrups. without being unstable. The stirrups with System-4 are very comfortable and safe. The System-4 also relieves the hip, knee, ankle, and calf joint of the rider. Because of the flexibility of the stirrups, the stirrups will support the release of the foot in case of an accident.

Bow Balance

The bow balance is made in bow form for a perfect fit. Because of this bow, the Bow balance stirrups provide an easy “pick up” upon mounting. With just a simple touch of the rider’s foot, the stirrups will fold onto the rider’s foot. Due to System-4, the stirrups are flexible in 4 directions. And softens the impact on the rider’s ligaments. The footboard is made out of two types of rubbers to provide a much better grip and this system is also shock absorbing.


The flexcite stirrups are a more elegant version of the bow balance. These stirrups also have a shock-absorbing function, which makes them extremely gentle to the rider’s ligaments and joints. The flexcite stirrups will also release the foot in case of an emergency, is hermetically sealed, and water-protected. Additionally, the footboard of the stirrups are made with two types of rubber hardness for a better grip. As a result, even in bad weather, the stirrups maintain a perfect grip for the rider.

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