The brand BR


BR is a brand based in the Netherlands. The brand started in 1988. Since then the brand is well-known in the equine world. The brand is known for its good quality products and its philosophy that BR is there for everyone. It doesn’t matter if you are young, old, an amateur, or a professional. BR has products for every rider that will fit you and your horse. And that will bring the best out of you! BR focusses. On making stylish products of good quality for the right price. BR offers stylish designs with eye for detail, materials, fit, and functionality. Suiting with the latest trends and latest technical developments in the market. They offer a wide assortment in horse products. BR is especially well-known for its horse boots, saddle cloths, sheepskin products, and bridles.

The BR Cheltenham bridle is a very fancy bridle made from strong European leather. The bridle has fancy white stitching on the brow- and noseband. The noseband is slightly wider in the middle. The BR bridle has soft padding underneath the nose,- browband, and headpiece to offer optimal comfort for your horse.

To complete a gorgeous set the BR Taunton breastplate perfectly matches the Cheltenham bridle from BR. The breastplate is a functional three-point breastplate. The breastplate has elastic on the side to ensure more freedom of movement for the horse. The leather parts are made from European leather. If your horse has a sensitive skin you can also attach the sheepskin breastplate cover from BR to your breastplate.

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