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LJ Leathers

The brand LJ Leathers is based in Belgium. The owner of the brand has been an International show groom for more than 10 years. After that, she worked at a tack shop in Belgium. During that time she saw that all leather products were very expensive and that there was no good budget alternative with good quality leather. She decided that she wanted to develop good leather products for a budget-proof price. As a result of her contacts in the international field she started developing the brand, LJ Leathers.  She started the company in 1999. To this day, all LJ leather products are very much appreciated by their customers because of the good quality and the honest price. The company shares a passion for the sport and horse with their customers.

Pro Selected Line

Their newest line is the “Pro selected by LJ” line. This product line is developed to be known as high-quality, Looks and technology.  One of the products from this line is the Bridle New Pro. The bridle is made from high-quality buffalo leather. The bridle also has fancy white stitching on the brow- and noseband. The LJ leather bridle has soft padding underneath the nose and browband to ensure the utmost comfort for the horse.

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