Outdoor rug Vario V-line 300g

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٧ For the winter months
٧ 300g outdoor rug
٧ Weather resistant
٧ Breathable
٧ 3 in 1 effect
٧ Dry & Shine liner

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Outdoor rug Vario V-line 300g

The outdoor rug V-line 300g is part of the V-line rugs designed by Vario.

This outdoor rug Vario V-line 300g is a must-have for the winter season. The outdoor rug is made of strong ballistic nylon fabric. This means that the outdoor blanket is very durable. This Vario horse rug is water-resistant and very breathable. The liner is made with an antibacterial and antistatic material.

This V-line outdoor rug has a 3-in-1 effect. The liner is a special dry & shine liner. This means the outdoor blanket can be worn by the horse right after training. This liner also prevents the need for a cooler rug. With the shine properties of this liner, the coat is sure to dry fast and shiny. Because of the 3-in-1 effect, in combination with the strong materials, this rug can stay on the horse after training, in the stable, and out in the fields!

The outdoor rug has an AV opening behind the front legs. This means that when the horse grazes, the blanket will open up to increase the horse’s comfort. When the horse lifts its head, the AV opening will close again.

The neck area of this Vario outdoor rug has a special memory foam layer, which is used to take the pressure off of the withers. This will greatly increase the horse’s comfort and decrease friction between the coat and blanket. The straps are easily adjustable, and the tail cover offers extra protection against wind and rain.

All of the V-line outdoor rugs made by Vario have velcro connections on the shoulder that can connect to the Vario V-neck. The V-neck is also available at Our Saddlery.

Read more about the Vario rugs here.

٧ For the winter months
٧ 300g lining
٧ Weather resistant
٧ Breathable
٧ 3 in 1 effect
٧ Dry & Shine liner

Maintenance Advice

Shavings can easily be brushed off of the rug. To clean the rug, you can wash the outdoor rug in the washing machine at 30°C. To dry the rug, simply hang it outside on a sunny day. Do not tumble dry.

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Rug size

175cm / 5,9", 185cm / 6,0", 195cm / 6,6", 205cm / 6,9", 215cm / 7,0"


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