Size Guide – Rugs

Are you looking for a rug for your horse, but aren’t sure about the size? Maybe the charts below could be helpful.

Are you still unsure about the size after having a look at these charts? Please, contact us! You can email us at [email protected] or call us at +31 6 21948442.


First, it is important to measure the horse before you can check the charts for the right size. You will need the measurements of the length of the back and longest part of the horse. We’d gladly explain to you how to measure these points.

The length of the back measures from the withers to the connection of the tail (line A). The longest part of the horse is from the middle of the chest to the end of the back leg (line B).

The right size.

Did you measure the back and length of the horse? Then look for the right brand and compare the measurements with the size chart and find the rug that best fits your horse.

Does your horse not match any of the given sizes, or do you want some extra help? Then, please contact us.