Kentucky Horsewear

Kentucky Horsewear

The famous brand Kentucky Horsewear was established in 2011 in Belgium. After the brand introduced itself, it became very popular for its tendon boots in all disciplines. Their core values are excellence and innovation. And their mission is to deliver stylish products from high-quality materials with extreme protection and comfort for the horse while training and competitions. With the expertise of Kentucky Horsewear, they assure their customers the protection and comfort for the horse are always in the first place.


To this day, Kentucky Horsewear is proud that they sell their products worldwide and that their products are worn on a few horses that are considered the best in the world. They thank their big growth to their amazing ambassadors. Such as Tim Lips, Ingrid Klimke, and Pippa Funnell. Thanks to working together with these amazing professionals, they have developed amazing products thanks to their feedback.


Kentucky horsewear

Kentucky Horsewear is known for its innovative products and its focus on animal-friendly products. They use high-quality artificial sheepskin, artificial leather, and artificial bunny fur. They make sure even though it’s artificial, the products look, feel, and perform just like the real thing. The products are known for their high quality, durability, and sustainability. Their artificial leather is waterproof. Because of that, the leather will not absorb water and will not dry out or tear. The artificial leather is easy to maintain because you can wash it in the washing machine. The artificial wool is the same as real sheepskin. It is just as pretty and soft as real wool but has longer durability. The artificial bunny fur is extremely soft. That is why it is often used for the inside of their blankets. It is not only very comfortable. This will prevent abrasions on the shoulder of the horse. It also gives a nice shine to the horse’s coat!

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