The company Döbert GmbH was established in 1880 and until this day it’s in the hand of the fifth generation of the same family that started the company. Döbert is a brand from Germany and for many years, they produce high-quality leather products. All their products are handmade. Because of that their bridles, reins, browbands, and bridle accessories are very nice in use. And very comfortable for both horse and rider. Besides that, their products are also very easy to maintain.

The brand has two different product lines. Classic and Stallmeister. The Classic line uses only the best, high-quality materials they can find. The products are made from European leather and therefore, have great durability.

The other collection is the Stallmeister collection. This collection is a bit cheaper. But the quality does not disappoint. Because the leather is known for its great durability and is very easy to maintain.

The Döbert Hunting bridle is a very simplistic bridle. The brand uses high-quality leather. The bridle has a flat nose- and browband. The bridle is specially designed for hunters. The hunting bridle has stainless steel buckles.
The bridle does include reins with non-slip rubber.

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