Changeable Gullet Wintec/Bates

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٧ EASY CHANGE® gullet system
٧ Different sizes
٧ Wintec and Bates

All Wintec and Bates saddles have a black tree as standard. If you need a different size, order the right tree. You can then easily exchange this with the black tree when you have received the saddle.

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Changeable Gullet Wintec/Bates

The changeable gullet Wintec/Bates are suitable for all Bates and Wintec saddles with an EASY CHANGE® gullet system. This creates the opportunity to make your saddle fit on more horses than just one. The gullet is easy to change due to the EASY CHANGE® gullet system. You only need a screwdriver and your new gullet. You unscrew the screws at the front and remove the tree. Then you put the right size tree in it and screw the whole thing back on. Take a look at the video to see exactly how to change the gullet to the right size for your horse.

٧ EASY CHANGE® gullet system
٧ Different sizes
٧ Wintec and Bates

Wintec has always made riding easy and comfortable. Combining world-leading innovations and hi-tech materials in lightweight, weatherproof, and easy-care saddles, it’s easy to see why Wintec is the world’s number one synthetic saddle brand! The comprehensive Wintec range offers not only cutting-edge designs but new standards in fit, comfort, and performance benefits for both horse and rider.


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Yellow (Narrow), Green (Narrow/Medium), Black (Medium), Blue (Medium/Wide), Red (Wide), White (1x Extra Wide), Light Purple (2x Extra Wide), Purple (3x Extra Wide), Dark Purple (4x Extra Wide)


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