Roberto Rasia is the driving force behind Erreplus. He has been living and working with horses with great passion for over 28 years. Roberto is inspired by the combination of horse and rider, these 2 great protagonists who have to communicate with each other and form a unity through a fascinating object ‘the saddle’. Roberto has worked with Prestige for 25 years, 15 of which as head of the Research and Development department.

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Roberto decided it was time for a change and started with his knowledge and technical background on a very ambitious project: developing Erreplus saddlery srl. The company consists of a team of experts in the various equestrian disciplines. Team collaboration is essential. They watch and listen to the horses and their riders. This is the success for the design of an absolutely innovative revolutionary saddle! Erreplus has put a number of jumping and dressage saddle lines on the market with great care. These saddles differ from other saddles because of the material used and the open design of the saddle tree for optimal freedom of movement for the horse.

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ErrePlus offers various variations in dressage and jumping saddles. They also offer stirrups and stirrup leathers.

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