How do you maintain your Bucas rugs the best?

How do you maintain your Bucas rugs the best?

How do you maintain your Bucas rugs the best?

Maintaining your Bucas rugs is essential to extend the lifespan of your rug(s). It is important to clean your Bucas rugs regularly. Bucas has developed a number of products for this. In this blog we will tell you all about it. Read on!

Bucas Rug Wash and Bucas Rug conditioner

The products that Bucas has developed for the cleaning of your rugs are the Bucas Rug Wash and the Bucas Rug Conditioner. The Bucas Rug Wash is a highly concentrated detergent, which preserves all the properties of the rug such as waterproofing and breathability, and moisture absorbency.

The Bucas Rug Wash can be used often and Bucas blankets can be washed indefinitely. Washing too often is better than washing too little. By washing, your rugs remain waterproof. Manure has an aggressive effect on the coating of Bucas blankets and will eventually reduce the quality of your Bucas blankets. Regular washing is therefore essential to enjoy your blankets for as long as possible!

The most important thing when cleaning a Bucas rug is that you wash it according to the Bucas washing instructions. These are a maximum temperature of 40 °C, use no fabric softener and not putting your rugs in the dryer. It is best to let your rugs air dry.

The waterproof, breathable fabric used to manufacture the Bucas rugs have a water-repellent outer layer of Teflon. This layer is quite weather-sensitive and subject to wear. You use the Bucas Rug Conditioner to restore and maintain this layer after washing. The advantage of this is that your rug(s) remain dirt and water-repellent.

You always use the Rug Conditioner after washing, impregnating the outside of the rug in a well-ventilated area. Make sure you spray from a distance of about 15cm on the outer fabric. Then let your rug(s) dry well and do not use heat sources for this. The Bucas Rug Conditioner is also suitable for other types of textiles and for other brands of blankets.