Fenwick Liquid Titanium Calming Mask: A Revolution in Dressage

Fenwick Liquid Titanium Calming Mask: A Revolution in Dressage

In the world of equestrian sports, peace, awareness and focus are of great importance, especially in the dressage ring. Denise Dekens, community editor of “De Hoefslag”, shares her remarkable experience with the Fenwick Liquid Titanium Calming Mask. Discover how this innovative product transformed a dressage horse and what valuable insights it provided.

A New Dimension in Horse Welfare

In the search for peace for her dressage horses, Denise Dekens came across the Fenwick Liquid Titanium Calming Mask. Although initially designed for show jumping horses, she was curious about the effects on her tense dressage horse. The mask promised not only tranquility, but also awareness and focus – qualities that are invaluable in dressage.

The Practical Test: A Restless Dressage Horse

Denise decided to test the mask on her young, nervous dressage horse, especially sensitive to tension on foreign terrain and during transport. The result was remarkable. The mask was applied prior to transport, and the journey was noticeably calmer. The horse remained calm and did not break everything off upon arrival, which was previously the case. A promising development for horse welfare, both inside and outside the dressage ring.

Dressage Restrictions: A Notable Restriction

An interesting observation was the fact that the Fenwick Liquid Titanium Calming Mask was not allowed in dressage, despite its proven benefits outside the ring. Denise emphasized the value of the mask, even for dressage horses, and regretted the ban on its use during official dressage competitions.

Alternative Options: Fly Nets and More

In order to be able to use something comparable in the dressage ring, Denise pointed to the Fenwick Liquid Titanium Ear Net. Made from the same fabric as the mask, the ear net offers a soothing effect through infrared radiation and negative ions. A legitimate option within dressage, albeit with less coverage of the head.

The Added Value and Purchase Options

Denise concluded that the Fenwick Liquid Titanium Calming Mask made a world of difference for her dressage horse outside the ring. It provides rest and relaxation, essential for well-being and performance. Are you interested? Explore the Fenwick range at Our Saddlery!