Utzon Equestrian; The Art of Craftsmanship


The Art of Craftsmanship

Utzon Equestrian takes great pride in its craftspeople. Among the last to still make equestrian leather goods from the finest English leather from Italy, the attention to detail and the quality of their goods are paramount to the success of Utzon.

They therefore only work with the best leather craftsmen and continuously improve the quality control to ensure the highest standards throughout the production process


At Utzon, they only use the finest Italian leather.

Traditional bridle hide is made with very though cowhides, but Utzon prefers to use the skins from calfs as this means the skins are finer, slightly softer, and have fewer markings. This is better for making exclusive leather goods to our standards, while still being strong enough to feel like traditional bridle hide. Utzon’s girths, however, still use traditional bridle hide as this is more durable and has more structure.

Once the skin has been tanned, a color finish is applied to our own exacting specifications and standards for a deeper and more exclusive look. This involves adding wax to coat the top layer of the hides.

Each hide is therefore slightly different, which is why you may find slight differences in color shade from one product to another. All hides are going through three quality control checks in the tannery before leaving to our craftsmen for stitching. The controls ensure that all leathers meet quality criteria.

Over time, each of Utzon’s products will acquire a unique patina as it is polished by repeated use, and it takes in natural oils and leather care.


Although Utzon products are pretty though, it is important to look after them carefully, as with any luxury equipment.

The wax and natural oils used to coat the leather of the products will protect the leather, and therefore if left unused for some time a natural white bloom can happen on the surface. These are waxes coming up and can be removed by simply rubbing them away with a soft cloth.

The most appropriate way to clean Utzon products is to wipe them gently with a soft damp cloth and then leave it to dry naturally in a place without strong heat. Applying a little leather conditioner when needed will help protect and nourish the leather so that your Utzon Equestrian item will last for many years.

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