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Stirrups LeMieux Vector Control

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٧ Lightweight
٧ Shock-absorbing
٧ Pressure distribution
٧Anatomically shaped

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Stirrups LeMieux Vector Control

These Lemieux stirrups are made of aluminum. This makes them very strong but also lightweighted. The safety stirrups from LeMieux have a straight footbed. The footbed is equipped with metal dots, which ensures extra grip. Besides, the footbed is also very shock-absorbing. This helps to prevent high pressure on the rider’s knees and ankles. It also ensures less strain on the rider’s knees and tendons. These features are perfect for people, who suffer from their joints quickly.

The upper side of the Vector stirrups is turned outward with an angle of 45 degrees. The stirrup, therefore, ensures an even pressure distribution around the footbed. Besides, it stimulates the rider to keep the foot in the right position and makes it easier for the rider to find the stirrup when it loses.

The safety stirrup has a two-way unlocking system. This means that the horse riding stirrup opens if the rider falls. It reduces the chance of keeping your foot in the stirrup while falling off the horse.

These stirrups are allowed in FEI competitions.

٧ Lightweight
٧ Shock-absorbing
٧ Pressure distribution
٧ Anatomically shaped

LeMieux is a worldwide known brand within the equestrian sport. They have been supplying high-quality products for many years, using the latest innovations. LeMieux offers a solution for both rider and horse and ensures that they perform better as a combination. LeMieux focuses on all disciplines and ensures that quality and results are paramount.


To prevent your saddle and saddle flaps from getting damaged by the stirrups, you can use stirrup covers. Take a look at all stirrup covers here!

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