The German brand Passier was established in 1867. And has been in the same family for 5 generations long. In the beginning, the brand mostly developed tack for horse-drawn carriages. But after the first World War, they saw a new opportunity and started developing saddles. After the success of the Passier saddles in Germany, they started renewing their old connections with foreign countries. After that, Passier became a new household name in multiple countries. And the sentence “Made in Germany” became one of the main pillars of Passier because of their high-quality products. Passier has modernized their production of products since 1867, but two things have stayed the same, their amazing high-quality products that are known for their great durability. And that all Passier products are hand-made individually from their finest materials. Passier continues to thrive in the market driven by tradition and innovation!


Passier has developed two product lines with two very well-known riders in the equestrian world. The famous german showjumper Marcus Ehning. And the famous eventer Ingrid Klimke.

Ingrid Klimke collection

The Ingrid Klimke collection was launched in 2014. All products have been developed in close collaboration with Ingrid Klimke. The products have the well-known Passier quality but with a premium sparkling twist. The products are defined with gorgeous crystals. And will make you shine like a star!

Marcus Ehning collection

Marcus Ehning has been a leading equestrian in international showjumping for many years. By remaining a top rider, you need great tack. The Marcus Ehning collections are made by master craftmanship and have a truly gorgeous design. The products are available in black, havanna, and teak.

Passier saddles

Passier offers a wide range of well-designed saddles.

They offer a wide range of different saddle trees. This will ensure that for every rider and horse there is a perfect fit!

The Passier synthetic saddle tree

The synthetic saddle tree is made of elastomer which has been tested under space conditions. The synthetic saddle tree cannot break under normal conditions and can therefore respond successfully to the highest demands. The saddle tree has been designed with metal bands, this provides the highest stability as well as the flexibility of the synthetic saddle tree. Ensuring the saddle tree will provide a perfect fit. The saddle tree has a ten-year warranty

The Passier PS saddle tree

The PS saddle tree was developed 50 years ago by Passier and has been continuously produced since then. The main materials of the saddle tree are wood and leather. In order to achieve a high degree of flexibility, several bamboo strips are worked into the saddle tree.

The PS saddle tree is beside the standard PS saddle tree also available with a few different options.

The PS saddle tree with FRT-system. The saddle tree with the FTR system has anatomically formed gullet plate bars that will prevent contact with the shoulder blade cartilage during movement. The horse’s shoulder can therefore move completely freely.

The PS saddle tree with a wider gullet plate. The wider gullet plate is good for horses with very wide and high withers. As a result, the gullet plate is 1 cm wider in the middle. This will perfectly optimize the fit of the saddle.

The PS saddle tree with Queen-special-feature. The queen’s special feature is a cut-out at the front of the saddle tree. Right in the pubic area under the soft seat. It reduces pressure and makes the saddle extra comfortable and super soft. The queen’s special feature is invisible to the eye but offers ultimate comfort when riding.


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