Celebrate the New Year without stress, with these tips

Celebrate the New Year without stress, with these tips.


Despite efforts by various organizations, it has not yet been possible to reduce or completely ban fireworks during New Year’s Eve. Unfortunately, this means that many horses can still be affected by the loud bangs of fireworks. Fortunately, as a horse owner, you can do a lot to minimize your horse’s stress during New Year’s Eve.



Horses are most affected by the loud bangs of fireworks during New Year’s Eve. The simplest solution to minimize your horse’s discomfort from these bangs is to use the Ear Plughs LMX. The Plughz earplugs are made of non-toxic foam that quickly adapts to the horse’s ear and does not irritate the horse. Use the Plughz in combination with an ear net to ensure that the Plughz stay in place, even if the horse shakes its head violently. Another good sound suppressor is the Soundless fly veil from Equiline. The earpieces of this ear net have a sound-absorbing material, making the sounds of loud bangs less shrill and audible to your horse.



Finally, it is important to keep your horse busy and distracted from the fireworks noise during New Year’s Eve. For example, hang a Jolly ball in its stable. Furthermore, it is advisable to turn the music on the stable up a bit louder around 12 o’clock and give the horses some extra hay. You can also leave the lights on in the stable to make the fireworks less noticeable.


Thanks to these tips, your horse will experience less stress during New Year’s Eve and you can enjoy a stress-free New Year’s Eve together!