Double bridles

Double bridles

A double bridle, also sometimes referred to as a Weymouth bridle, is very different from a standard snaffle bridle. Would you like to know how a double bridle works? Or are you not sure what the function of this is? Then this blog is just for you!

A double bridle is mainly used by advanced riders because the directions you give to your horse must be finer. In higher levels of dressage, you may use the bridle during competitions. You only use these kinds of bridles if the communication between you and your horse is already very good. With this dressage bridle you can bring the riding aids to the minimum, which makes it look nicer and it appears ‘easier’ for the jury.

What is a double bridle?

A double bridle is a bridle that consists of two different types of bits: a curb and a snaffle bit. It is equipped with two reins: one attached to the curb and one to the snuffle.

The curb is made from one piece and has control over the entire head of the horse, providing some sort of leverage. It is therefore important that there is no constant pressure on the curb bit. The curb bit is secured under the horse’s chin with a curb chain.

The snaffle bit looks like a normal snaffle bit, but the snaffle in combination with a curb is thinner and has smaller bit rings. The size of the snaffle is often o.5 to 1 centimetre larger as the curb.

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Transition to a double bridle

It is the intention that your horse already understands what’s being asked from him before you switch to a double bridle. This bridle does not improve communication, so it’s important that the communication between you and your horse already works well. This way the horse can understand the pressure you give more easily.

It is reasonable to use the same snaffle bit that you used before, only a thinner one since a horse only has limited space in the mouth. When you use the same snaffle bit you basically only need to add the bar, so the transition to a curb and snaffle bridle becomes easier.

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