LeMieux Arika Rug Line

LeMieux Arika Rug Line

LeMieux Arika Rug Collection

LeMieux has undertaken an extensive period of research and development, resulting in the new rug collection. The range includes three weights of turnout rugs with neck pieces, a “Featherweight” turnout rug for warmer months, and stable rugs in various weights with separate neckpieces. The rugs have a seamless design and are breathable, waterproof, comfortable, and warm. To guarantee even better freedom of movement, LeMieux used its own patented design, making the rugs very innovative and providing a lot of wearing comfort for any horse.


LeMieux Arika Line USPs

  • Seamless design
  • Breathable
  • Outdoor rugs are waterproof
  • Higher neck closure to prevent water from entering
  • The inner layer is also waterproof, the horse does not get wet from splashing water
  • Plenty of freedom of movement due to patented design
  • Strong T-bar closure
  • Pressure-relieving due to the pressure-relief system
  • Antibacterial & antistatic


LeMieux Arika Featherweight Turnout Rug 0g Rain

The Arika Featherweight Turnout Rug 0 gram is a waterproof horse rug. The rain rug is made of 900 Denier waterproof oxford weave material. This material is breathable and has antistatic and bactericide properties. This ensures a high wearing comfort for your horse!

The rain rug can be easily attached using the T-bar front closure, 3 cross straps, and a tail cord. The silicone tail cord is easy to clean due to the material. In addition, the rug has reflective stripes, making it extra visible.

The rug is delivered with a matching neck. This neck is detachable, so you can decide whether to put a neck on your horse. In addition, this rug has a liner system, so you can attach an extra liner from the Arika rug line for colder days!


LeMieux Arika Storm-Tek turnout (100 & 200 gram) rug

The LeMieux Arika Storm-Tek Turnout rug is made of innovative materials specifically developed for durability, the best protection for your horse, and breathability. No wonder the Arika Storm-Tek rug is a prize-winning rug.

The Storm-Tek rugs are waterproof but offer maximum breathability and minimal weight. The neck that comes with the outdoor rugs can be detached.

The rug is made of 1200 Denier waterproof oxford weave and has a special thermo inner lining to keep your horse nice and warm. The rug has attachments for liners, 3 belly straps, a t-bar chest closure, and a removable cross strap. The Arika rug is also equipped with a liner system, so you can attach an extra liner from the Arika rug line for colder days.

The rug has reflective stripes that make your horse stand out extra well and is antibacterial & antistatic.

Stable rug LeMieux 0 grams

The LeMieux stable rug is made of Oxford weave polyester, which makes the rug breathable and moisture-regulating. The rug has a T-bar chest closure, has 2 cross surcingles, and a tail strap that is made of a soft cord.

The material from which the rug is made feels a bit like cotton. This makes the comfort of the rug extra high.

Stable rug LeMieux Arika 100 grams

The LeMieux Stable rug is made of 210 Denier Diamond Ripstop. This innovative material has the property that it is durable, optimally breathable, and offers optimal comfort. The ripstop of the rug is very strong.

The stable rug has a T-bar chest closure, padded panels, thermal inner lining, 2 cross surcingles, and a tail strap made of soft cord and is antibacterial and antistatic.

The stable rug also has a liner attachment and it is possible to buy a neckpiece and attach it to the rug.


Rug LeMieux Arika 100gr

This under rug (liner) from LeMieux is made of 210T polyester, in combination with a thermal inner lining. This material contains bactericidal and antistatic properties.

The liner from LeMieux is equipped with a Velcro chest closure, D-rings at the neck for rug attachment, and a clip attachment at the back of the rug.

Rug sizes

A well-fitting rug lies straight and prevents sliding and chafing. Use a measuring tape to determine the correct rugt size. Measure from the center of the chest to the back of the buttock. Take the conformation of the horse into account when sizing the rug. Have a look at our rugs size chart here.