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Kentucky Horsewear was established in 2011. It rapidly became the must-have brand for protective horse boots across all disciplines. While the core values are excellence & innovation, the mission statement is to provide stylish high-quality products that offer extreme protection and comfort for your horses during training and competition. With their in-house expertise, you can be certain that the protection, comfort, and well-being of your horse always comes first when choosing Kentucky products.

Kentucky Horsewear products are sold and worn worldwide. Even on some of the world’s very best horses competing in the most prestigious rings around the globe. The rapid expansion and growth are in large thanks to Kentucky’s ambassadors. Together, they have created a brand that has become a reference among the world’s leading riders. Kentucky is continuously looking to improve its existing products. Additionally, they are inventing new ones based on input from riders and grooms that use their products on a daily basis.

On our website, you will find a fine selection of Kentucky rugs (show rugs and stable rugs), Kentucky tendon boots, Kentucky halters, Kentucky saddle pads, and lots of other high-quality Kentucky products. Are you looking for a different Kentucky product, that you cannot find on our website? Contact us! Together with our suppliers, we might just be able to get you exactly what you’re looking for.


Not only does Kentucky stress the quality of their products, but they also care deeply about the environmental impact. Kentucky Horsewear is an animal-friendly brand that exclusively uses artificial materials. Moreover, the headquarters based in Ronse, Belgium, in the heart of Europe, is completely eco-friendly. Using 100% green energy, the building is CO2 neutral and at the image of the brand: it matches class with the ability to perform in the best circumstances.

Kentucky Horsewear develops products to protect horses and dogs and it cannot do so while harming other animals. This is why they only use materials with no animal ingredients at all, like artificial leather, artificial sheepskin, and artificial rabbit skin. The only difference between these artificial materials and real animal products is that the artificial materials offer better quality and durability!

Kentucky image - artificial rabbit skin

The materials

Kentucky image - vegan leather, vegan sheepskin, vegan rabbit skin
Kentucky image - Solimbra, Protek Impact Gel, 3-layers system
Kentucky image - 3D spacer, Recuptex


By using vegan leather, Kentucky accomplishes the key values of their company: quality, durability, and low maintenance. The imitation leather is waterproof and can therefore never be affected by water or dirt whereas real leather absorbs those. This prevents the imitation leather from cracking and drying out as well as changing color. Specially made to sustain the washing machine at 30°, the imitation leather is easy to maintain as you can also simply clean it with water and a sponge.

It has excellent values for tear strength and a very high abrasive resistance and is also very resistant to puncture holes that can be caused by studs. In comparison with real leather, imitation leather weighs a lot less which ensures extra comfort and can also enhance performance.


Developed with the expertise of this company, Kentucky’s artificial sheepskin is better than real sheepskin in every way. It is attached to a knitted base and laminated to a suede fabric, both air-permeable and breathable.

As soft and performant as real sheepskin, the artificial sheepskin has the great advantage to sustain many washes compared to the real one. We recommend using the normal washing process at 30° and to let it dry outside.

Producing high-quality artificial sheepskin actually costs more than real sheepskin. Kentucky’s entire product range doesn’t contain any animal ingredients and this is worth the cost! They are 100% animal-friendly.


Artificial rabbit skin is mainly used as a lining for the Kentucky horse rugs. The artificial rabbit skin has some great advantages. It’s extremely soft which prevents the horses from getting rubs on the shoulders. Another great advantage is that the hairs don’t stick in the lining. This makes the Kentucky rugs ideal for the shedding or shaving seasons.

Thanks to the small and soft hairs of this material, your horses get a shinier coat in the same way as if they would get when polished with a woolen glove. The artificial rabbit skin also creates tiny air pockets that trap and retain the body heat. Because of the high warmth-to-weight ratio, the artificial rabbit skin offers excellent comfort.


Thanks to the use of Solimbra on the outer shell of some of our tendon boots and fetlock boots, we can provide enhanced protection for your horses.

The laminated Solimbra outer offers all-weather protection combined with extreme breathability. The fabric has been tested under the hardest conditions and continues to prove its worth in the field. The boots will not absorb water guaranteeing a lightweight and dry alternative to a heavy soaking boot.


Thanks to the use of Proteck Impact Gel within the leg protection boots, we can ensure the best protection for your horses. The Proteck Impact Gel is a light and clever material that locks on impact and then disperses the blow returning to its former pliable self immediately. Laboratory tests have shown that boots using this technology absorb impact over 50% better than any other boots currently on the market, with the ability to disperse a heavy blow equivalent to that which would actually break a human bone.


In order to offer the best comfort for horses and riders, Kentucky uses a 3 Layers System with a succession of an absorb fabric, memory foam, and shock-absorbing gel on some products. This allows to relieve pressure and provide comfortable and performant items.


Kentucky has developed an innovative 3D spacer shock-absorbing material for the equestrian market with its specific requirements. The key elements for developing their 3D spacer shock-absorbing material are:

  • Breathable & Air permeable
  • Shock absorbing
  • Comfortable
  • Skin friendly
  • Extremely light

These five unique elements have been mixed together with 3D spacer shock-absorbing material as a result. Thanks to its unique 3D technology, which is a honeycomb structure, it allows the body heat of the horse to go through as well as offers a cushioning effect, which is extremely comfortable. The 3D spacer material is bound with a perforated shock absorbing gel that protects the horse’s legs against strikes or blows.

Thanks to the combination of all these outstanding materials, our 3D spacer shock-absorbing material is extremely performant whilst still being extremely lightweight which enhances the comfort and performance of your horses.


They’ve created a brand new range of products that not only help treat numerous medical problems but also help to prevent a verse area of ailments. Commonly used by professionals and serious amateurs alike, the Kentucky Horsewear Recuptex range is a tack room and first aid essential unlike any other currently on the market.

The Recuptex range is created from a patented 21st-century fabric called Recuptex (also used by brands like Bucas). Made from the finest stainless steel yarn in the world, based on Bekaert BEKINOX© technology*, the weaving acts as a Faraday cage, reflecting the magnetic fields created inside the body. Preserving these fields stimulates blood circulation and oxygen flow in the horses’ legs which heals and both reduces swelling and inflammations and enables faster healing of micro-fractures.

This makes the Recuptex range ideal for treating horses with chronic arthritis problems or tendon problems and helping to accelerate the recovery process in a natural and protective environment. The Recuptex range is a trustworthy and highly technological range of products that no horse should be without.

*the inox yarn is made by Bekaert, one of the biggest Belgian companies specializing in stainless steel products. Employing over 28.000 people, they have a turnover of 4,6 billion euros – giving reassurance to customers on the soundness behind the technology.

Kentucky image - leather halter and turnout rug

How to take care of your Kentucky products?

At Kentucky, they aim for excellence & innovation. The products are well-known for their durability and strength. Here are some tips to take care of them!

Most of our Kentucky products are machine washable at 30° but you cannot put them in the dryer. Just let your items dry outside the washing machine. You can use a hairdryer to dry the products containing artificial sheepskin to keep the fluffy aspect. Be careful not to be too close, and not to burn it! In case of doubt, please look out for the product you need to wash on our website. You can find all the information you need in the product description section. You can also ask us; we will happily answer!

Find below a list of products that necessitate hand washing:

  • Fly Veil Wellington Sparkling / Sparkling Soundless
  • Fly Veil Wellington Leather / Leather Soundless
  • Fly Veil Wellington Stone & Pearls / Stone & Pearls Soundless
  • Fly Veil Long Stone & Pearls / Stone & Pearls Soundless
  • Fly Veil Wellington Glitter Band / Glitter Band Soundless
  • Fly Veil Wellington Corduroy / Corduroy Soundless
  • Relax Horse Toy Pony, Unicorn & Bear

We hope you will enjoy your Kentucky products for a long time!

Kentucky image - Stabel accessories, grooming supplies, and tack.

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