Girth Stübben Equi-Soft Lambskin

EUR € 364.95

٧ Optimal freedom of movement;
٧ Uniform pressure distribution;
٧ Reduces girthness and stress;

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Girth Stübben Equi-Soft Lambskin

More freedom of movement and breathing for your horse – with the Girth Stübben Equi-Soft Lambskin!

The unique system of elastic rings provides perfect girth pressure distribution. The movable rings of the Equi-Soft follow the horse’s breathing movement to reduce pressure to a minimum and ensure maximum freedom of movement. The Equi-Soft also helps to reduce discomfort and stress symptoms of horses tending to saddle tightness and enables free breathing of stressed horses during exercise.

The lambskin cover promotes blood circulation, is breathable, and regulates temperature and humidity both in summer and winter. In addition, lambskin prevents bruising, scars, chafing, and pressure sores.

٧ Optimal freedom of movement;
٧ Uniform pressure distribution;
٧ Reduces girthness and stress;

How to put on the Equi-Soft girth correctly?

Make sure that the cover is fixed correctly on the girth and the holes are free. The centre of the girth must be placed centrally on the horse’s girth line. For optimal pressure distribution, even girthing on both sides is recommended. The girth should also not be pulled too tight, otherwise it will hinder the expansion of the rib cage.


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