Girth Kentucky jumping narrow

EUR € 144.95

٧ Artificial leather
٧ Stainless steel buckles
٧ Available in the colors black and brown
٧ Available in sizes 115 cm to 140 cm

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Girth Kentucky jumping narrow

The girth Kentucky jumping narrow is made out of high-quality artificial leather. The artificial leather is extremely soft. Because of that, the girth is perfect for every horse. The artificial leather is also very easy to maintain because it can’t dry out and tear because of sweat. The girth has an anatomic shape to ensure more freedom of movement for the horse. The girth also has a small stud guard to protect the horse’s belly. The girth is filled with shock-absorbing EVA-foam. The elastic ends have a triple layer to ensure that it has long durability. The girth has two D-rings on the sides and a D-ring with a snap-hook in the middle, so that you can easily attach your breastplate and other training aids. Besides all the innovative features, the girth also has an elegant look because of the fancy stitching on the stud guard. The Kentucky jumping girth is available in the colors black and brown and is available in the sizes 115 cm to 140 cm.

٧ Artificial leather;
٧ Stainless steel buckles;
٧ Available in the colors black and brown;
٧ Available in sizes 115 cm to 145 cm.

Kentucky Horsewear is known for its innovative products and its focus on animal-friendly products. They use high-quality artificial sheepskin, artificial leather, and artificial bunny fur. They make sure even though it’s artificial, the products look, feel, and perform just like the real thing. The products are known for their high quality, durability, and sustainability.



The artificial leather can easily be cleaned with the Kentucky tack cleaner.

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Kentucky Horsewear


Black, Brown

Girths & Girth covers



115, 120, 125, 130, 135, 140


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